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You start a blog, super! What will you write about, who do you write it for and why? Well those are good questions!

I’ve been thinking about these questions and I have concluded that my blog will look different than most blogs. I’m blogging about two subjects, digital health and biohacking, being online and offline fit. Two topics I’m intensively reading and thinking about in my daily life. There are two separate pages about these topics on my website. On these pages you see an overview of the published articles sorted by topic. This way I can relate anything I write about.

Why would i do that you may ask? That has to do with one of the questions above. I’m not only writing for you but also for myself. These are subjects that I like to dive into, but after a while I wonder ‘how was that again? “. I do not have to search I do not have to use tags or think about when I wrote it. I can just go to the main page and look it up.

So what am I going to tell you exactly. Firstly it’s my experiences to be ‘digitally fit’ as I call it, also known as digital wellness. What do I do in order to feel comfortable about my digital life. This is about using my phone and the apps on it and how I try to improve my productivity with digital tools and how it all works. But it is also about the downside. What impact does all of this have on our health and the health of our children.

Secondly is what I can do to be “physically and mentally fit”. What hacks I can perform for my body to function as well as possible, that’s what I mean by biohacking. How can you best drink coffee and when, what factors may contribute to better sleep, and why? How to measure these things to myself and analyze them so I know whether or not worked. 

Want to see how it looks? Then go to the Digital fit or Offline fit page. These pages are expanding as I do more research. This way I try to do my part in the information overload. If articles are easier to find, and relate to each other, I’m really building something that has value, and that’s what it’s all about.

Update: I decided to go with only one topic and one page, digital fit as this is broad enough…

A little different, but great to build a portfolio with all the things I’ve done research about! Handy, right?

Let me know what you think? You can do that on instagram!

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