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Do you ever sign up for a newsletter? To stay informed or to download you get that one freebee when you signed up. Maybe you didn’t even sign up at all, but the newsletter appeared in your mailbox out of nowhere!

It completely drove me crazy! I got so many emails that I couldn’t distinguish the important from the less important things anymore. This has a lot to do with me being an information junky, but that’s a whole different topic. There are a few actions you need to take to get newsletters well structured. You could write a rule for every newsletter that moves that newsletter in a particular folder, or maybe you want all of them in a separate folder. But that makes signing in for a newsletter a lot more complicated, because there’s an additional action to do!

Luckily I was not alone with this frustration. Some smart guys developed an app named STOOP. Download for Apple or Android. It is more than just an app, you will receive an e-mail address that you can use to subscribe to newsletters (or something else of course, that’s up to you). This e-mail address then collects your newsletters and stoop handles them in the following way:


You get an overview of all your received newsletters as small card. You can easily swipe through it, but you can also open them. Then you have the option to archive the email and to go to the next or previous email.


All your newsletters are neatly sorted by sender. So you can read all newsletters that you recently collected from that sender. All emails is not actually accurate. Of course there is also a premium version of the app, which saves all emails (e10 per year). If you want to stick with the free version, you can save 10 newsletters per sender.

Easy to read back

You can save certain items that you want to read back again at a later time. These appear in a saved list of issues. So you easily sort relevant and irrelevant information. You can also save these important issues in Pocket or Instapaper, but this is a premium feature.


You can forward important emails you might want to keep with one button click to a personal email address. These emails came in my spam box though, so you’ll have to add stoop even to trusted senders, or immediately write a rule that he ends up in a particular folder.

So what are the advantages of this app?

  • Keep your email inbox clean and can reserve them for the actual important emails.
  • Keep your email address private, it is not saved in another extra database.
  • You can turn off notifications so you will not be bothered by unimportant emails.

You can download the app for Apple or Android and make sure you only give your attention to the important emails coming in!

What do you think of Stoop? Let me know!

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